T14 thermal sight with mount
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T14 Thermal Sight for Rifles

T14 Thermal Sight shown with quick disconnect weapon mount.  IR-City is proud to introduce the worlds first COTS thermal infrared imaging goggle, weapon sight & compact viewer. The T14 offer an advantage over night vision goggles. The T14 can operate in daytime and in low on NO light conditions.

For use as a handheld, head mounted or weapon mounted configuration thermal sight.

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Sensitive enough to detect and recognize a human up to 400 meters and able to see less than 1 degree temperature differences, the T14 thermal sight is very impressive for its small size and tactical design. The T14 thermal sight may also be switched from white hot to black hot to provide contrast flexibility and optimize performance. This feature allows the user to adjust to various thermal environmental conditions.

The T14 thermal imaging sight can be used as a “hands free” monocular in headmount or helmet mount configurations. Made of lightweight materials and miniature construction, it is as comfortable to use as a standard AN/PVS-14 night vision monocular.

Product Description

T14 Multipurpose Thermal Sight Features:

With the optional weapon mount and the built-in reticle the T14 Thermal sight is currently the smallest thermal weapon sight on the market. It’s size and design make it compatible to mounting onto the M-4 Carbine or incorporating it into the SOPMOD matrix. It also has a video output mode to allow the system to be used as a thermal camera.

The optional 3X magnifier lens is easily attached to the front of the standard T14 thermal sight lens giving the operator instant 3 times magnification. The T14 goes from a 1.4x monocular to a 4.2x viewer. The 3X lens is stored when not used in a tactical pouch.

The system incorporates advanced power management circuitry to allow 1 or 2 DL123A Lithium batteries to operate the system. The T14 thermal monocular will function for over 4 hours on 2 batteries.

The system’s latest option is the T4L Laser Aiming Module. The T4L allows the user to mark or hand-off targets using a dual beam system that has both visible and IR lasers. The T4L mounts onto the T14 sight to become an integrated tactical system.

A thermographic weapon sight or thermal weapon sight is a device of the art in compact thermal imaging viewing / weapon sighting fusion platform, mounted on top of firearms including sub-machine guns, carbines & rifles.

The T14 is a robust military grade multipurpose FLIR thermal system. T14 can be used as a thermal sight, handheld monocular or head mounted infrared system. This unique item is the top of the line in rugged lightweight soldier operated man portable thermal systems.

Military applications include target acquisition, surveillance, night vision, homing and tracking.

System Specifications
Sensor Uncooled Focal Plane Array
Output Resolution 320x240
Pixel Spacing30 micron
Spectral Response 7 – 14 m (filter bandwidth)
Sensitivity 100mK
Speed30hz – real time
Start-Up Time 2 seconds
Display OLED (640 x 480 output resolution)
Output Brightness 8 step adjustment
Optics25mm Germanium Lens
Range Focus1 meter to Infinity
Field of View 11 x 8.5 degrees


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